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Professional Portfolio for All

We analyzed the portfolio structure of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI), individuals with freely disposable assets of more than US$30 million. We identified a clear correlation between their outperformance relative to the average individual investor and their diverse portfolio structure.

The key factor here is that UHNWIs invest approximately 45-50 % of their total portfolio in alternative assets!

The majority of these assets are not available to the private investor to date. We break down the following barriers to entry:

Capital requirements

We open up investments that were previously inaccessible to private investors due to the significant purchase prices and corresponding capital requirements.

Information asymmetries

We offer a professional analysis of the asset to be financed to prevent uneconomical investment decisions.


We facilitate the extremely time-consuming management of a tangible asset through professional management in order to generate the best possible return.


We eliminate significant bureaucratic expenses and associated costs, such as notary visits, and increase the flexibility and liquidity of an alternative investment.

We provide investors with access to alternative investments such as real estate, art, fine wine, classic cars and diamonds and ensure professional management of the tangible assets including selection, purchase and rental or storage. You invest 100 % digitally. With the help of blockchain technology, intermediaries are eliminated – saving up to 80 % of the costs of a conventional securities issue. You also benefit from maximum flexibility, as your digital shares can be traded free of charge at any time via our over-the-counter secondary market.

FinTech with over 100 years of track recordOur management and supervisory board team of FINEXITY AG looks back on more than 100 years of active decision making in the investment sector, in various positions at major and private banks as well as leading global auditors. We are your partner for digital, alternative investments.
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Digital but still personalWe believe in a digital financial world in which personal contact is not neglected. Your assets are your life's work and should be managed accordingly. As a client of FINEXITY AG you have a personal contact person who will inform you about the opportunities but also about the risks of an investment.
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FINEXITY Biography






Founding of FINEXITY AG

Successful coordination with Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)

Market entry as Germany’s first Blockchain-based real estate investment platform

Tokenization of the first project “Jenfelder Au”

German Business Award as Germany's most innovative real estate investment platform

Successful structuring and listing of further properties

German Excellence Prize as best financial start-up in Germany

Launch of “Club Deals”

Over 5 million euros managed assets

Opening of the platform as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for third-party providers

Initiation of partner program

Multi-asset relaunch: Launch of the asset class art

Launch of the FINEXITY app

Launch of the asset classes Fine Wine, Diamonds and Classic Cars

Over 10 million euros managed assets

Launch of Europe’s first blockchain-based secondary market for tokenized securities

Strategic partnerships with leading initiators and distributors

Over 40 million euros in assets under management

4 Platform partners including Sparkasse Bremen

Registered customers
40,000,000+ Euro
Assets under management

The Story behind FINEXITY

The idea for FINEXITY began when Henning and his wife Maria wanted to buy their own home four years ago. The children were there and the desire for a beautiful, spacious home was big - they were longing for a change in lifestyle. At the same time, the path to financial independence was to be continued. A frequent starting point for young families and many working people, especially in cities. A colleague at the time told Henning: 'What's wrong with the dream of owning a house? It's the word owner.' This catchy phrase remained stuck for a long time, and Henning postponed purchasing a house with his wife.

Paul and Henning have known each other for several years and previously managed an international incubator together. They asked themselves how it can be that alternative investments are still based on such outdated structures when there are better technological solutions. The key question was how to enable private investors to invest even small amounts of money in exclusive tangible assets such as real estate, art, fine wine or classic cars in order to build up a diverse investment portfolio and benefit from the value increase – just like an owner.

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