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Invest in the most exclusive tangible assets from 500 euros and benefit

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Invest in the most exclusive tangible assets from 500 euros and benefit

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The FINEXITY multi-asset asset classes and why we chose them

Tokenization of real estate

Our properties are tokenised via a so-called SPV (Special-Purpose-Vehicle). The SPV was founded with the purpose of holding real estate. The tokenised digital shares of the property (special purpose vehicle) can be issued and traded from now on.

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Tokenization of art

The tokenisation of our art goods is also implemented with the help of an SPV (Special-Purpose-Vehicle). Unlike real estate, there is no property register for works of art. Nevertheless, we use the structuring possibilities offered by a special purpose vehicle and issue digital shares based on the art goods.

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Tokenization of classic cars

Old-timer and young-timer tokenization structures the value of the asset in an SPV (Special-Purpose Vehicle). As with real estate and art, the special purpose vehicle is used to issue digital shares and structure the partial ownership.

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The 3 Most Important Reasons for Real Estate as An Attractive Asset Class

Risk optimization

Supported by independent experts, our experts examine every investment opportunity for its economic viability. The focus is not on maximum return, but on risk optimisation.

Stable asset growth

Due to a continuing high demand for real estate, you will benefit both from a potential increase in value and from ongoing rental income.

Crisis-resistant substance

Our investment focus is on Germany's A-cities and the best holiday resorts.In particular, we focus on new construction projects in the residential property sector.

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The 3 Most Important Reasons for Art as An Attractive Asset Class

Market stability & value enhancement

Due to its illiquidity, a long-term investment horizon and a constant to increasing demand, the art market can be characterized as stable in value.

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Diversification & Security

Due to a low correlation to liquid asset classes and the separate hedging and insurance measures, art is a robust component in the portfolio.

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Exclusivity & Prestige

The art market enjoys a high degree of exclusivity and prestige due to its very wealthy buyers and the emotional character of its objects.

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The 3 Most Important Reasons for Classic Cars as An Attractive Asset Class

Value maintenance & performance

Due to its natural scarcity and high demand, the classic car market has stable value and the opportunity for above-average returns.

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Diversification & Security

As capital goods, classic cars are particularly interesting because of their relatively low dependence on the capital market.

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Emotionality & Status

Due to the representative and emotional power of his vehicles and the prosperous group of buyers, the price premiums are higher than for traditional asset classes.

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