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    Couldn‘t be any simpler!“Invest your money, not your time!“
    “Invest your money, not your time!“
    So you benefit twice.

    After completing the investment process, you can relax, as FINEXITY will take care of everything from the coordination of the bank loan, the purchase of the property, the management of the property as well as your investment. After buying the property you profit like an owner from the rental income and the value of the property.

    First the rental income

    Rental results in rental income. Administration and management costs are covered by rental income. All real estate is funded approximately half by a bank loan. This results in interest and repayment costs which are also served by the rental income. The surplus from the property is distributed annually to the investors.

    rentalThen the performance

    The demand for real estate in Germany's A cities and best holiday homes is very high. This market development is constantly contributing to the positive performance of real estate. The repayment of the bank loan reduces the bank share in the value of the property. If the FINEXITY property is to be sold at a later date, you will be involved as an owner in the proceeds of the sale. And that without the entire sales effort.

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    Legal disclaimer:

    This investment contains high risks and can result in a complete loss of your invested capital.