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What Are FINEXITY Club Deals?

We believe in successful asset accumulation. With exclusive club deals, we give our customers access to strictly selected real asset investments. In addition to traditional investment options such as real estate, the investment opportunities also include works of art, antiques, diamonds, old and young timers. A large number of the club deals offered are 'off-market deals', i.e. the properties offered or handpicked paintings by Picasso, Andy Warhol or Joan Miró, for example, are not available through public markets, but are available exclusively to our customer base.

In order to guarantee the quality of the tailor-made investment opportunities as well as the individual support, the club deals are only available to a closed and verified group of customers. The Finexity Club Deal marketplace for the exclusive investments will only be activated after the customer has successfully checked its creditworthiness and appropriateness.

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Why Should I Become A Customer?

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Access to real assets

We understand and have the right access to illiquid asset classes. Only about 3% of all property assets pass our rigorous review process and are offered to Club Deal customers. With our access you build up a successful real value portfolio.

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Personalised support

Real assets can be nerve-wracking - but they don't have to be. We support you in the entire purchase process, bank financing for real estate as well as the later administration of property. We are loyal and act with absolute discretion.

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Monitor your investments

Trust is good, control is better. We feel obliged to continue to support you even after a successful transaction and to help make your investment successful. These include regular price development and administration reports.

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The FINEXITY Club Deal Programs

Direct-Select club deals

Direct-Select club deals are exclusive real assets - often “off-market deals” - for investors who want to own 100% of the real property. These are not structured financial products within the meaning of the German Banking Act.

Basic requirements for access to Direct-Select:

  • The customer has net assets of at least EUR 500,000.00,
  • has risk-free assets (e.g. cash) of at least 100,000.00 euros and
  • has sufficient experience and knowledge in the field of material assets.
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Private placement club deals

Private placement club deals are public and non-public securities issues for selected assets (real assets) that are aimed at a selected and limited group of non-qualified investors (private investors). The public offers have a minimum denomination of EUR 100,000.00. In comparison, the non-public offers are aimed at less than 150 non-qualified investors (private investors) and have a minimum denomination of EUR 50,000.

Basic requirements for access to private placements:

The customer has

  • The customer has net assets of at least EUR 500,000.00,
  • has risk-free assets (e.g. cash) of at least EUR 150,000.00 and
  • has sufficient experience and knowledge in the field of material assets.
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Professional investor club deals

Club deals are in most cases “off-market deals” and are aimed exclusively at professional investors. Professional investors are by nature primarily supervised companies, but also large companies that meet various balance sheet requirements, such as a balance sheet total of at least 20 million euros. There is also the possibility that private investors can be upgraded to professional investors, provided that they Fulfill criteria and successfully complete an upgrade process.

Retail investors must meet at least two of the following criteria to apply for an upgrade:

  • During the four previous quarters, the customer closed an average of 10 transactions on a significant scale during the four previous quarters.
  • The customer's financial instrument portfolio, which by definition includes cash deposits and financial instruments, exceeds EUR 500,000.
  • The client is or has been in a professional position in the financial sector for at least one year that requires knowledge of the proposed business or service.
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