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Our Due-Diligence

What We Stand for

As an experienced investment company and platform operator, we firmly believe that a bad asset will not become a great investment opportunity only through tokenization. For this reason, we are placing a strong focus on following issues:

Quality not quantity

The top priority of our review process is to identify investment opportunities of the highest quality. To do this, an asset must meet a number of differentiated quality factors.

Long-term wealth accumulation

The assessment also focuses on a long-term investment horizon. Sustainable development potential is more important to us than achieving high returns in the shortest possible time.

Healthy risk/return ratio

In all investment decisions, a balance between return and risk is considered important, with the focus on risk minimization and constant rather than maximum returns.

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Our Review Process: Differenciated, Digital and Transparent

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Each new investment opportunity goes through a six-step review process. The basic framework of our review process is independent of the actual asset and is supplemented by further steps and partners.

The first step is to collect all records and documents relevant to the valuation of an asset. In the second step - the "Quick Check" - unqualified investment opportunities are identified and sorted out within a few hours. In the third step, a so-called "finexity Score" is determined by a profound valuation procedure. This score reflects the risk/return ratio of the analysed asset and also includes liquidity and risk management structures for the specific asset.
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In the fourth step, independent evaluations are prepared by external experts and banks. In this way, we ensure that a third party classifies the asset as a promising investment opportunity. In the fifth step, all previous information is summarized and our experienced investment committee makes the final decision as to whether the asset meets our investment criteria. Only if this is the case the asset will be added to our platform.
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Our Assessment Process in Figures

Strict selection

We analyzed over 500 investment opportunities in the last 6 months. Only 3% of all investment opportunities pass our review process.

Industry expertise

Our specialist team consists of former credit analysts, investment bankers and studied urban ground developers from over 10 nations.

Many years of experience

Our investment committee has more than 30 years of experience in investment decisions and a placed volume of over EUR 500 million.