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Diamonds as classical beauty for your portfolio!

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The 3 Most Important Reasons for Diamonds as an Attractive Asset Class

Market stability

Due to the illiquidity and real value of diamonds, as well as a typically long-term investment horizon, the diamond market can be characterized as stable in value.

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Increase in value

Since the demand for diamonds, especially in Asia, is constantly increasing and this demand is offset by a stagnating supply of diamonds, their prices are rising.

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Diversification & Security

Due to a low correlation to other asset classes and the separate security and insurance measures, diamonds are a robust component in the portfolio.

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How do I Benefit from Diamonds as an Asset Class?

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Driven by the Asian region, the global demand for diamonds and high-yield opportunities for investing in diamonds is continuously increasing. In addition, the long-term investment horizon and the illiquidity of the diamond market have a very positive effect on the performance. As soon as the diamonds are sold, you benefit from the increase in value like an owner.

Rising demand

Low correlation to the capital market

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Expertise & Network

Our experienced and globally networked partner network of leading diamond dealers, jewelers and diamond experts as well as insurers and collectors enables optimal selection and storage of diamonds. In addition, through professional analysis of the markets and market trends, the best possible time of sale is anticipated and the maximum return is realized.

International partnerships

Experienced specialists

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Tax-free Storage

Thanks to the cooperation with an international partner network, the diamonds can be purchased and stored outside the German borders. This leads to lucrative savings in domestic sales tax of 19% and all import duties. In addition, the sale of a diamond is a private sale transaction within the meaning of Section 23 EStG, which is why the sale is tax-free from a minimum holding period of one year.

VAT exemption in international bonded warehouses

Tax-free sale after a one-year speculation period

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The “4C” Quality Characteristics of Diamonds


Weight of the diamond

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Color of the diamond

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Cut of the diamond

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Clarity of the diamond

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