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Fine Wine as a tasteful addition to your portfolio

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Fine Wine as an Attractive Asset Class

Market stability

Due to the illiquidity and the material value of the wines, as well as a typically long-term investment horizon, the Fine Wine market can be characterized as stable in value.

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Value enhancement

Since demand rises constantly, wines gain quality over time and the already rare offers decrease due to consumption, prices rise.

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Diversification & security

Due to a low correlation to other asset classes, as well as the separate security and insurance measures, Fine Wine is a robust component in the portfolio.

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How do I Benefit from Fine Wine as an Asset Class?

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The global demand for Fine Wine as well as high-yield wine investments is increasing continuously. In addition, the long-term investment horizon and the illiquidity of the wine market have a very positive effect on the performance. As soon as the wines are sold, you benefit from this increase in value like an owner.

Growing Fine Wine market

Low correlation with the capital market

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Expertise & Network

Our experienced and globally networked partner network of leading wine merchants, sommeliers, winemakers and wine experts as well as insurers and collectors enables the optimal selection and storage of Fine Wine. In addition, through professional analysis of the markets and market trends, the best possible time of sale is anticipated and the maximum return is realized.

International partnerships

Experienced specialists

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Tax-optimized Storage

The storage is approved by the tax and customs authorities and enables us to store the wines under suspension of the due import sales tax as well as the value added tax (VAT) and thus achieve an even higher return for our investors.

Import sales tax exemption in bonded warehouses

Suspension of VAT

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Our Investment Criteria

Analysis of the wine market

When selecting our Fine Wine investments, the general reputation of the winemaker and winery, as well as the critical evaluations of the individual vintages, are of central importance. A particularly high score from leading wine critics can dramatically affect the price of a wine. In addition, the other current journals and specialist magazines keep an eye out for wines with particularly good reviews and for potential market trends in order to stay well informed about the wine market.

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Complete provenance

Due to past scandals in which very expensive wines were counterfeited and sold, a complete provenance is essential. Before buying the wines, the certificates of authenticity and storage histories of the individual wines are requested and checked. Only wines with a complete provenance meet our strict selection process.

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Condition and storage

The condition of the wine and its storage, preferably in the winery's original wooden boxes, play another important role in the decision whether the wine is considered investable or not. Attention is paid to the remaining filling quantity, the condition of the bottle, as well as that of the cork and the label. This is essential to achieve the maximum sales price.

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Investment Process in Fine Wine

Screening for capital goods
Reaching the funding threshold
Take out insurance
Conclusion of the purchase contract
Storage in the bonded warehouse
Professional storage and management
Profit taking through sales
Continuous performance