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Our Investment Philosophy

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Our Focus: A Multi-Asset Investment Platform

FINEXITY creates access to illiquid assets to enable private investors to allocate assets in the same way as family offices and professional investors. Thanks to many years of experience in the real estate sector and a strong network of project developers, we started with real estate as the first asset class. In working with our clients, we have learned that there is a great need for more illiquid assets. That is why we are constantly adding additional asset classes to our platform and driving the liberalization of the global multi-asset market so that everyone can invest flexibly and 100% digitally in real assets - regardless of budget, knowledge and location.
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Our Motivation: the Liberalisation of Asset Management

Our investment strategy is based on the complex asset management of high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and family offices. As professional investors, they do not rely on individual investments, but rather set themselves up in a diversified manner, especially when it comes to their tangible assets, and thus secure their asset preservation. The most serious difference in portfolio structuring lies in the weighting of illiquid assets. These are mostly capital-intensive, time-consuming and require expertise as well as connections to the respective industry. Because of these properties, they have a low correlation to the stock and bond markets on the one hand, and these characteristics lead to high entry barriers for private investors on the other.
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Our Method: Material Assets Based on Blockchain

We focus on selected real assets and support our clients in building long-term wealth. Private investors can put together their own portfolio of real assets using our platform. No black box is bought, but everyone can determine the desired mix ratio by selecting specific individual material assets. We offer our customers the opportunity to be looked after by us or to manage their portfolio independently. By using the blockchain, intermediaries are eliminated and thus over 80 percent of the costs of a conventional securities issue are saved. Our investors benefit from low investment thresholds (from 500 euros) and flexible tradability (24/7).

100% asset relation

Low entry barriers

Risk diversification

Minimal cost



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