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Real estate as the foundation for your portfolio

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The 3 Most Important Reasons for Real Estate as An Attractive Asset Class

Risk optimization

Supported by independent experts, our experts examine every investment opportunity for its economic viability. The focus is not on maximum return, but on risk optimisation.

Stable asset growth

Due to a continuing high demand for real estate, you will benefit both from a potential increase in value and from ongoing rental income.

Crisis-resistant substance

Our investment focus is on Germany's A-cities and the best holiday resorts.In particular, we focus on new construction projects in the residential property sector.

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How Do I Benefit from Real Estate as An Asset Class?

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You Benefit Twice

After you have completed the investment process, you can relax, because from now on FINEXITY will take care of everything: starting with the coordination of the bank loan, the purchase of the property, and the management of the property as well as your investment. After purchasing the property, you benefit like an owner from the rental income and the value development of the property.
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Rental Income

Rental results in rental income. Administration and management costs are covered by rental income. All real estate is funded approximately half by a bank loan. This results in interest and repayment costs which are also served by the rental income. The surplus from the property is distributed annually to the investors.
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The demand for real estate in Germany's A cities and the best holiday homes is very high. This market development constantly contributes to the positive development of the property's value. The repayment of the bank loan reduces the bank's share in the value of the property. If the FINEXITY property is sold at a later point in time, you participate in the sales proceeds like an owner. And that without all the sales effort.
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Our Investment Criteria for Real Estate Investments

Macro location

The attractiveness of a property is determined by its location. Due to the growing influx from suburbs into metropolitan areas this factor is becoming increasingly relevant, so that it plays a decisive role in the selection of properties.

Micro location

Within metropolitan areas the exact position of the object is of enormous importance. While many parts of the city are considered overpriced and uneconomical, other parts face structural and economic challenges.

Object data

The planning and design of the property is a crucial issue. The focus here is on the project development information, the detailed construction plan, the key financial figures and future forecasts.

Investment Process in Real Estate

Screening for capital goods
Reaching the funding threshold
Take out insurance
Conclusion of the purchase contract
Safekeeping in a special workshop
Maintenance and professional care
Profit-taking through sales
Continuous performance