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Security of Digital Wealth

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FINEXITY Digitalises Exclusive Assets

Projects on the FINEXITY marketplace are first subjected to extensive checks and evaluated by external experts. Our philosophy is to preserve the value of your assets and optimise risk. As a reliable partner at your side with exclusive investment opportunities, we want to prepare the change to invest in digital assets to which you have been denied access up to now.

We rely on state-of-the-art technologies and use blockchain technology to display assets. This enables us to issue digital securities, in particular tokenised debt obligations. These digital shares, so-called tokens, have the same class for each project, which means your investment remains flexible.

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How to Invest and How to Profit

In our marketplace you will find alternative investments that have been previously reviewed and structured for the finexity marketplace. Our team evaluates various factors for a project and makes a pre-selection of projects, which in turn is examined in detail by independent experts. Once the project has received the necessary approval, the financing phase is started. During the financing phase, the so-called first emission, digital shares at 1.00 Euro each are issued. Within the placement period, the investment process is activated via the finexity marketplace and you can invest until the financing target is reached. Only when the financing target is reached the project can be purchased and transferred to the portfolio. Should it not be possible to achieve the financing goal of a project, we will of course refund the investment to each investor.

After successful completion, the tokenisation starts and the digital shares are issued to you. If you are in possession of the token on the key date, the issuer will credit your account once a year with the return. If the real estate investment is sold in the meantime, you will also benefit from the realised sales profit.

For the entire term of your investment you have the option of offering your digital shares for sale or purchase to other users via the finexity secondary market. When digital shares are traded, they are transferred to the future owner by means of a blockchain transaction. If you realise a return or sales profit, the amount will be credited to your e-wallet as a credit balance. You can use the credit balance for new investments or alternatively you can have the credit balance paid out at any time.

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Securing and Protecting Your Digital Assets

finexity offers different categories of investment opportunities via the marketplace. You have the opportunity to invest your assets in different projects, thereby creating a diversification of your assets. Through the diversification of your investments and the structuring of the projects in individual so-called SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles), you benefit from an optimal risk-return ratio.

Through the acquisition of digital securities, in particular tokenised debt obligations, you receive a debt-based claim to this special purpose vehicle after conclusion of the contract. If the purchase is made and the project is transferred to the special purpose entity, the equivalent value of your investment is issued in token. Each token represents a securitised ownership claim and digitally confirms your partial ownership.

The finexity Wallet is available to keep the tokens safe. finexity provides each user with a wallet for safekeeping the tokens themselves. You do not need a deposit and there are no costs for self-custody. With the finexity-Wallet you have a digital safe for storing your digital shares.

Our solution is regulated and coordinated with the German legislator. Your data is stored in a German computer centre to prevent third parties from viewing it and to protect it from misuse. Due to our high security standards and an authenticated buyer/seller group according to GWG regulations, you trade your digital shares with reliable market participants.

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Important Features for the Development of Digital Assets


You decide when and at what price you want to sell your investment. You can offer your investment for sale to other users via the finexity secondary market.


Via the finexity marketplace you will find exclusive investment opportunities as initial investment or offers of already financed projects. You benefit from buyers who are continuously willing to buy or sell.


We issue tokens at a unit price of currently 1.00 Euro each. Each project has the same type of token. This means they remain exchangeable in terms of quantity, type and quality.


finexity regularly informs you about the development of your investment. External experts value the asset regularly. We provide you with the expert opinion and determine an indicative token value.

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