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Couldn‘t be any simpler!“Invest your money, not your time!“
“Invest your money, not your time!“

You select the property that you want to invest in and decide upon the investment sum.


Your personalised dashboard allows you to track your investment‘s performance, whilst giving you access to exclusive market data.


As an investor, you benefit from the monthly net rental income, the mortgage repayments as well as the potential increase in the property value.


Our marketplace enables you to sell your investment at no cost, at all times from anywhere.

Invest carefree.

Do not be yield driven and think about the associated risks!

Risk reduction

All investment opportunities are critically assessed with respect to their profitability, risk and return by both FINEXITY‘s real estate experts as well as external, independent surveyors. Significant emphasis is placed on reducing the investment‘s risks rather than trying to maximise the yield.

Continuous growth of wealth

Our investment focus is based on Germany‘s A-cities as well as Europe‘s best holiday places. The continuously high demand for properties in these locations allows you to potentially benefit from a significant property value appreciation, hence directly impacting your wealth.


Eppendorf, Hamburg

Modern apartment 77 m2

Benefit from Blockchain.Securely trade your investments at all times – fast and transparent!

Our marketplace allows you to take advantage of the various benefits Blockchain has to offer, yet without having to be an expert!

  • Quarterly valuations of your investments.
  • 100% digital purchase- and sales processing.
  • Never again pay the full additional purchase costs.
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Yield calculator

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How much do you want to invest?
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5 Years

Please keep in mind that this is a vague estimate of your expected return and that this forecast may not occure.

Expected total wealth


Expected total return


Expected rate of return

57,52 %
Fixed-term deposit 0,2% p.a.

Expected total wealth


Expected total return


Expected rate of return

57,52 %

Detailed calculation

Invested capital10.000
Property value appreciation
Property value performance3.636
Mortgage repayment gains
Liquidity reserves
1.000 €
Advanced settings

Expected yearly payout yield

Ø expected payout yield 2% p.a.

Expected yearly property value growth

Ø expected property value growth 5% p.a.
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Legal disclaimer:

This investment contains high risks and can result in a complete loss of your invested capital.