“We liberalise the real estate industry“


About us

The FINEXITY team has long been working on the liberalisation and redefinition of the real estate financing industry – a market that is still based on many ancient virtues and is about to undergo an extreme digital turnaround.

“A new era“

Why is it that we still need a notary to notarise real estate purchase contracts if a blockchain could simply store and transcribe possessions? Why are properties mostly sold by real estate agents charging significant fees? Why can’t properties be sold to a large number of people, thus making real estate investments more affordable?

These are some of the questions we deal with one a daily basis: With FINEXITY we aim to challenge the entire real estate industry. Our investment-platform facilitates and accelerates real estate investments whilst enabling a contemporary approach – this is how one should invest in real estate in today’s society!


30+ years of financial experience

The FINEXITY team has more than 30+ years of combined international financial experience in various management functions. Even in difficult times - such as the financial crisis in 2008 – the team has developed innovative finance concepts that have offered significant value to the customers.


300+ Million Euro trusted investor equity

Success creates trust. With respect to this credo, the FINEXITY team works every day for the success of our investors. The team has been able to win more than € 300 million in customer funds with its customer-oriented and transparent financial concepts in recent years. The customers and their investments are always in the forefront.


Years of Blockchain experience

The FINEXITY team not only has the necessary financial- and technological know-how to offer investors attractive real estate investments. Even more so, the idea that real estate investments should be transparent, affordable and self-determined by investors with respect to the holding period and investment budget is an aspect that strongly unites us a team. Based on many years of Blockchain experience, we’ve created a product that enables investors to securely, cost-efficiently and flexibly invest in a selected number of carefully chosen properties.

Our origin

FINEXITY AG is a FinTech company based in Hamburg. Founded in 2018, it is one of the first companies globally to offer tokenised real estate investment opportunities thereby reducing capital requirements for investors to a minimum whilst granting maximum flexibility and liquidity. The FINEXITY team combines a large number of experts in the real estate, finance and IT field, taking one step at a time to liberalise the global real estate investment market.


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